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Welcome to West Pine Pharmacy

Dedicated to providing the best healthcare for our community

Our Story

Our origins begin in 1926 as West Pine Pharmacy was founded on the corner of West Pine and Newstead. For over 9 decades the pharmacy has served the local neighborhood and its needs. The pharmacy changed hands numerous times and in 1980 Fred Haefner bought the pharmacy. Fred continued to grow the prescription business by focusing on quality care and attention to the customer’s needs. In 2000 Fred had grown to a point that the business could support another pharmacist. Fred called one of his former pharmacy students, Devin Dalpoas, to fill that position. Before taking the position Devin asked to become a part-owner and Fred agreed to forming a partnership.

In the years between 2000 and 2008 the business grew at an unprecedented rate. Late 2008, tragedy struck and Fred fell seriously ill. It was obvious early on that Fred needed to concentrate on his health. Reluctantly they were forced to end their partnership and Devin became to sole owner of West Pine Pharmacy. Fred passed away on May 4th , 2010.

In 2010 Devin continued the work both he and Fred started. He felt a draw to community based behavioral health organizations and saw where he could make an impact. In 2013 Devin collaborated with Places for People to open St. Louis Pharmacy on their Lindell campus. Before opening this location, social workers and patients were spending hours chasing all aspects of health care. In the behavioral health patient Devin noticed no matter what other healthcare was being done, if the patient didn’t have easy and consistent access to medications all the other care falls apart. This pharmacy was dedicated to removing barriers between the patient and their medications. The pharmacy works hand in hand with all aspects of the care team from doctors, nurses, social workers, families, financial, etc. to make sure the patient has the best opportunity to achieve stability. By investing in the patient’s stability adherence to other programs like employment, finances, housing, etc. also improved increasing quality of life for the patient.

Due to the success of that model in 2020 St. Louis Pharmacy opened at Independence Center on Forest Park. This had the same mission but added a dedicated Long Term Care division to help patients requiring extra levels of care. Focusing on medication adherence through compliance medication packaging. In 2024, West Pine Pharmacy finally outgrew it’s home of 97 years and moved to a new facility at 11 N Sarah. Still serving the neighborhood as they have for nearly 100 years and expanding that service to the entire St. Louis area.

Our Team

Devin Dalpoas.jpg

Devin Dalpoas, Pharmacist and Owner

Devin started working in pharmacy at the age of 16 as a pharmacy delivery and stock employee. He attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy and continued working after classes at West Pine Pharmacy as pharmacy technician. Upon graduating pharmacy school in 1996, Devin took a job as a clinical consultant pharmacist for Enloe Drugs out of Decatur Illinois serving hundreds of nursing facilities throughout the Midwest. In 2000, he was brought back to West Pine Pharmacy as a pharmacist with a minority ownership interest. In 2009 he purchased the remaining interest in West Pine Pharmacy, buying out his former employer and business partner Fred Haefner. Since 2009 Devin has expanded the pharmacy into 3 locations under the St. Louis Pharmacy name. Focusing not just on the retail patient but also the community based behavioral health patient and those living in nursing facilities. Devin is an active member in the Missouri Pharmacists Association, American Pharmacists Association and National Community Pharmacist Association amongst others. He has a true passion for those suffering from mental illness and is a proud sponsor of various organizations like Places for People, Independence Center, St. Patrick’s Center, St. Peter and Paul, NAMI and many others. Devin enjoys spending his spare time with his family. He volunteers his time in various ways with behavioral health organizations, his church, community projects and local schools. Devin and his wife, Susan, specifically enjoy travel when they can and coaching track and field teams in the spring.

Mary Neuhaus.jpg

Dr. Mary Neuhaus, Pharm. D.

Mary started working at West Pine Pharmacy in 2004 while she attended pharmacy school. Very quickly she stood out for her work ethic, knowledge and empathy towards her patients. Upon graduation, Devin offered her a full-time position as a pharmacist in 2007. Since coming on board in 2007 she helped West Pine Pharmacy grow and transition into our St. Louis Pharmacy locations. That care and compassion she exhibited as a student has continued into her professional career. Mary consistently helps patients successfully navigate the healthcare world to achieve the best possible outcome. Mary is the Pharmacist in Charge of West Pine Pharmacy. She was instrumental in starting our vaccination program and is constantly thriving to improve our patient and employee experience. Mary also is an avid runner. She competes in many local events throughout the year. When she is not at work you can find her enjoying one of many athletic events her sons are participating in.

Silvio Flaim.jpg

Dr. Silvio Flaim, Pharm. D

Silvio came to work at West Pine Pharmacy while he was a pharmacy student in 2010. From the beginning it was clear that Silvio was one of the hardest working students in his class. While attending St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Silvio maintained the rigid class schedule to obtain his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. All the while finding time to train and compete on the STLCOP cross country team. Silvio is the Pharmacist in Charge of our Long Term Care division. He can meet the needs of patients living in various levels of care throughout the city. He helps complex patients simplify their medical burden with a focus on adherence of medication through specialty compliance packaging and various other tools. Silvio continues his passion for running but his spare time now is spent with his wife and 2 children. Silvio is very active in his Catholic faith and volunteers time within his parish.

Corey Davis.jpg

Dr. Corey Davis, Pharm. D

Corey’s career in pharmacy started at an independent pharmacy in her hometown. During her final year of pharmacy school, Corey did a clinical externship at West Pine Pharmacy. After her externship Corey was brought on to pilot our expansion into behavioral health. Corey helped establish our first expansion as St. Louis Pharmacy inside Places for People which opened in 2013. St. Louis Pharmacy at Places for People services thousands of community-based individuals battling mental illness. Since its’ inception that collaboration has made an invaluable impact on the world of behavioral health in our city and beyond. Numerous programs near and far have toured and mimicked this type of care. Corey and the staff at St. Louis Pharmacy meet the patient where they are and help guide them on a path of success and independence. Corey and her husband are professional soccer fans proudly supporting St. Louis City since its inaugural season. When she is not cheering on a City win Corey will be playing and taking care of her 3 children.

Grew Wallace.jpg

Greg Wallace

Greg started working at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician in 1995. Upon graduating in 2001 he was promoted to Pharmacist and eventually Pharmacy Manager. In 2013 he was offered a position as a compounding pharmacist at Bellevue Pharmacy. He remained there for 4 years. In 2017 he went back to retail with Schnucks Pharmacy until the opportunity at West Pine Pharmacy became available. Greg’s background in managing large pharmacies was an asset he could bring to West Pine Pharmacy and still be able to create that personal relationship with the patient. Greg enjoys his time outside of the pharmacy with his wife and son. He joins in with his father fixing lawnmowers and other small motors. Greg is an avid golfer and volunteers his time at his sons school and various organizations.